In partnership with our old friends at Door 32 Creative, we can arrange professional music video production, the perfect accompaniment to your recordings & a way to bring your music to life. We're able to offer a range of services from music videos to live sessions and everything in between.
Check out some of their work below, get in touch with us and we will arrange it!

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Everybody likes to be the centre of attention right? Well now you can be!
Bring your instrument to the forefront with a drum, guitar or vocal cover of your favourite song.
These are a great way of showcasing your talents and also a great way of accumulating those views.

 Live sessions are an increasingly popular and easy way to portray an alternate side to your music. Show off your sound, stripped back or as a full band. Whether it's for fun or something to add to your portfolio, it's an effective and professional way of showcasing your talent.
These can be studio based or out on location, you can even invite an audience! 

Your project can be purely  performance based, a story you want to tell, or a representation of your live show. We work alongside you to create a product that showcases your music and gives you a platform to reach a wider audience.
It's always important to have the visuals to match your audio, we promise we'll capture your "good side"



We can capture those special moments: the big headline gig, the day in the studio. Or we can arrange a creative band promo shoot for your social media. We are here to work together with you to create your perfect shots.