Recording Vocals

After another busy week in the studio it was nice to kick back on a Tuesday afternoon and record some pretty awesome vocals with Cam from Blues Of Summer for our own little side project. We went old school and opted for a pretty challenging Frank Sinatra cover which suited Cam's voice down to the ground.

I went for a 2 mic approach with the diaphragms aligned

as I wanted to really show off the depth of character in his voice and capture everything in the performance. My go to vocal mic at the minute is the Blue Baby Bottle, the lower and mid frequencies have a real warmth. This, coupled with the slightly more harsh sound brought by what I call my "cheap" mic - the Rode NT1-A is a great combination.

If you're on a tight budget, doubling up with 2 cheaper mics is a great alternative to forking out for 1 expensive mic. As long as you know the sound you're aiming for and know the characteristics of your mics then you're good to go. If not, then get experimenting!

Audio will be up and available shortly.

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