July Roundup - Tramlines

As for a lot of people in Sheffield, Tramlines is a big event in the music calendar. We had managed to get a hold of a media pass for the festival which enabled access to all the main stages to photograph and video some of the acts, as well as this Division Street and West Street are always busy with some great acts on throughout the weekend especially the Crystal Stage run by Aggressive Management.

With the footage we captured we created a little montage video which can be viewed below.

We also had a couple of acts down to our studio on the Saturday morning to film some live session videos, first was Sheffield indie band, 'Redfern' who headlined the Sunday at The Church House. They performed a full band version of their song 'Slap Me'. which is a really catchy song and has been stuck in our heads since!

We also had hip-hop artist 'Matic Mouth' down, slightly hungover from a slot on the Devonshire Green stage on the night before. Whilst it was an easy set up, vocals and backing track, the challenge is to keep the video visually interesting. We chose to have a front camera on a shoulder mount to keep it nice and smooth, and a cutaway camera just to the side which worked really well 'Matic' ventured away from the main camera and looked down the lens. We also think the decision to put 2 lights behind him either side worked really well. What do you think?

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