Tramlines Tips #1

So Tramlines and the Fringe event are nearly upon us. All this week we'll be sharing our tips for bands to see and where you can catch them!

To start us off it's 2 bands that we have worked with on numerous occasions, so much so that they even rent a permanent practice room off us! It is indie-rock/blues band FloodHounds and reggae/ska masters Rogue Siesta.

First off is FloodHounds, a 3 piece band consisting of Jack Flynn (guitar and vocals), Joel Hughes (bass) and Lauren Greaves (drums). Often classed as indie-rock these 3 are much more than that, we love the catchy chorus' and the bluesy guitars.

Catch them at Tramlines

- Saturday - 3:20pm - Frog and Parrot

EVENT: AMP Live at The Fringe at Tramlines / Frog & Parrot

- Sunday - 2pm - Forum Kitchen + Bar

EVENT: The Fringe at Tramlines - Forum Kitchen & Bar

With 2 members of FloodHounds also appearing in Rogue Siesta, this band are equally worth catching live over Tramlines weekend. Tom Carr (vocals), Jack Flynn (guitar), Ben McGovern (bass), Lauren Greaves (drums) and Ed Donnellan (sax and keys) produce a sound that you just can't help tapping along too. It's catchy, it's fun and it'll get you bouncing along to the reggae beat.

Catch them at Tramlines

- Friday - 9pm - Yellow Arch Studios

EVENT: Yellow Arch Tramlines Fringe Weekend 2018

Saturday - 6:30pm - Dev Green Main Stage

EVENT: The Fringe at Tramlines 2018

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