August Roundup

Better late than never due to holidays, here is what we got up to in August!

It started with a busy day of live session videos, the first was folk band 'Frayed', a stripped back 3 piece with a story to tell. Heart warming stories of the past and growing up. Straight after this we had a full band session in 'MollyAnna', a dark, dramatic rock band.

Both sessions were something completely different to get stuck into, with 'Frayed' a more relaxed atmosphere and 'MollyAnna' needing a more dynamic sound and visuals to match.

The week after came yet another session video with 'La Fox' who was wanting a showreel for his weddings. We filmed a cover of Erasure - A Little Respect and then a montage video consisting of segments of six different songs. The challenge here was to get the songs to flow from one another both on audio and on video.

On the recording front we had a couple of returning customers recording vocals for projects and also a spooky visit from 'Syteria' who recorded a Halloween song. It was great fun having them in the studio, and they even came with a photographer who got some ace stills of the day. The song is also ridiculously catchy so get ready to SCREAM!

Lastly, something different. Alex went to Italy with 'The Blues of Summer' for a wedding. He did the live sound for the band on one day whilst also playing acoustic guitar for a little side project for the guests on another. Make Noise Studios going continental!

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