November Roundup

The first weekend in November began with both a recording and a video. Firstly, on the Saturday we had the 'Tom Killner Band' in for a music video promo shoot for their new single 'Get Back Up'. They wanted a live session vibe but mimed to the original recording, which enabled us to get more takes but keeping the stripped back feel.

On the Sunday we had 'Chopper', a 70's rock cover band in recording several tracks. This proved challenging but enjoyable as they wanted the songs to feel like they were old recordings like the originals whilst still being modern and putting my own twist on it.

'Concrete Armbands' have recorded a new EP containing 3 songs which will be released soon. I loved working on this project as they have a hard hitting sound similar to that of early Muse. The single 'Like Russian Dolls' also included 14 vocal tracks, a 5 part harmony which sounded amazing!

We've also had 2 brand new bands in the studio recording their very first singles. 'The Estate' - A Britpop-esque anthem 'Welcome to the Estate' and 'Cafe Aspen' - catchy indie pop singalong 'Lasting Need'. Both bands will be releasing these shortly and are planning on getting out early next year gigging so support new music and go see them!

Another EP next with local lads 'Sundowns' who play a sold out headline show at Cafe Totem this Saturday. Taking inspiration from 'Dead Sons' and 'The Blinders' the new tracks have a dark indie sound.

Back to videos and 'Liberty Ship', they release new single 'Do That Thing' on Friday, a charity single for Weston Park Cancer Trust and recorded the band performance video with us in the studio. We wanted it to be quite laid back, almost like a jam/band practice positioned them facing each other which enabled us to get in amongst them with the gimbal.

Last but not least, from 2019 we will be setting up a separate company specialising in wedding videos. During November we filmed a bridal promo event and our very first wedding, both have been great experiences and we can't wait to get started properly! If you know anybody who would like their special day filming then get in touch!

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