January Roundup - Recording

After eating and drinking way too much over Christmas and New Year it's been straight back into the studio recording 6 songs with 'The Pretty Ugly' (formally Paradox Void). The sound hasn't changed so much, just progressed as the band show more maturity in the new songs. I loved working on these new songs which are upbeat, foot tapping sing-a-longs.

A couple of days later our good friends 'Cafe Aspen' came in to record the follow up to 'Lasting Need'. Guitarist George has an array of different pedals and effects which I love working with, layering up the atmospheric guitars. 'Sign of the Times' builds up slowly leading into a big, catchy chorus and I'm sure it will be just as successful as the previous single.

A new band recording demo tracks next, 'Escafeld' a rock n roll band with attitude. I've worked with these lads before in former band 'Artella' and the new songs have a similar vibe but with a new singer brings a slightly different edge.

You can listen to the new songs on YouTube -(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CFxtRYw2OfD_1slIZti8A)

In mid January Blues musician 'Grey Cooper' came up from London to record some guitars with us. He's been recording with some cool artists in Nashville and needed to lay some guitars down to send over. I also recorded with a new band who wanted to track some demos before they launch on social media

No rest for the wicked, it's also been a busy end to January. I had 'Intervene' recording 2 songs over 3 days, an alt-rock 5 piece mixing post punk with the 90s Indie sound. We've worked with drummer Adam Wright before and the rest of the band were equally as good to work with. Especially loved the bongos which was something different to work with.

Last but not least 'Concrete Armbands' have been in to record another single, this time an epic 9 minute song which really has a bit of everything in it. It was also a good excuse to crack open the Jack Daniels which singer Josh Teggert uses to help with his voice when laying down the many vocals and harmonies. They'll be coming down again at the beginning of February to finish bits off but in the meantime it's time to get mixing!

Concrete Armbands also released the first single I recorded 'The Brink' in January so give that a listen over at - https://open.spotify.com/album/3VfvoyZxhnzaUIcnO4A8I4…

Lastly, we had a new release from our session with 'The Sundowns'. 'Hold On' is available to stream/buy... give it a listen here - https://open.spotify.com/album/1QcFS5wq2LpLGTLV8bEry3…

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