January Roundup - Videos

It's not just in the studio where we have been hard at work, our video team have had another busy month too.

In December we filmed a couple of drum cover videos with 'Geromme Melosantos'. The first was released on NYE and if you've not seen it yet you can view this here -

The first week in January was spent editing the 2nd of Geromme's videos, a cover of 'Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses'. Filmed in a similar way to the 'Architects' cover the BMTH video is equally as hard hitting but with the added effect of the smoke machine that we used which looks epic! Keep an eye out for this which should be released next week!

And talking of new releases the 2nd live session video with 'MILO' was released in January - Soft Agenda. We loved working with 'MILO' as they have a really distinctive sound, not really fitting into any particular genre but producing solid catchy songs.

We've also had a trip "dahn sahf" (down south) to work with 'iDestroy' bassist 'Nicola Wilton-Baker' to film some bass videos. Nicola did a cover of 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers' - All Around The World and a run through of an iDestroy song. She enjoyed the session that much a week later whilst up here for a gig; she popped into our studio to record and film another one!

The RHCP video can be viewed on Facebook and that video plus the others will soon be available to view on YouTube. But in the meantime, here are a few stills from the session.

We've finished the month with 2 live sessions. The first with 'The Pretty Ugly' who recorded and filmed 2 full band videos and 1 stripped back version of a song off the new EP. We especially enjoyed the stripped back video, it shows off a different side to the band which we love and also it was a challenge for us to film as we decided to keep it 1 take, 1 camera on the steady cam gimbal.

The 2nd live session was with one of our favourite bands to work with 'Rogue Siesta'. Who recorded 1 song which they are hoping to use for the Glastonbury Emerging Talents Competition. This means a quick turnaround as the deadline is on Monday... I best get cracking on with the edit!

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