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Chilled vibe, broadcast quality productions in every style: R&B, Metal, Funk, Alt, Rap, Indie, Pop, Blues, Dance.​

  • Friendly, professional studio with
    top quality equipment and outstanding sound quality

  • Vintage and state-of-the-art technology

  • Large live room with excellent acoustics

  • Full range of professional mics and DIs

  • Comfortable chill-out areas and kitchen facilities

  • Infinitely routable mic and foldback signal paths across live room, control room, vocal booth and other areas

Previous clientele includes the likes of; Milburn, Reverend and the Makers, Little Man Tate, Melv!s, Crookes, Paul Party, Babybird, Hydeout, Jumper Boy, General Panic, Broken Harbours, Terminal Sun, The Timeouts, New Ghost, Farewell State, Skint Knees, Verdis, Weekend Recovery


Quality Gear, Quality Sound

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Front End





• Legendary Tascam M-3500 inline recording console

• Motu 24Ai and 24Ao interfaces

• 8-core 32Gb Elimina custom audio PC

• Rob Gordon modded RME Quadmic preamps

• FClef Precision mic preamp

• Focusrite silver channel strip

• Digital audio regulated with Rob Gordon valve word clock 

• 1 x Neumann KMS105

• 2 x AKG Perception 220

• 2 x AKG 451

• 1 x RØDE NT1000

• 1 x RØDE NT1A

• 2 x RØDE M5

• 4 x sE Electronics sE1A

• 2 x AKG D112

• 2 x Beyer Dynamic M201

• 2 x Takstar BM-630

• 1 x T-Bone RM-700

• 1 x Shure Beta98

• 3 x Shure Beta57A

• 2 x Shure SM57

• 11 (yep) x Shure SM58

• Analogue emulations for depth and warmth

• Classic valve compressors like Teletronix LA-2A and Urie 1176LN

• 100s of Waves plugins including Gold bundle and Renaissance collection

• More from Steven Slate, SSL, Apogee, SPL, iZotope, T.Racks, Brainworx, Audified, CDSoundmaster, Softube, Voxengo, FX Point Audio, Flux, Elysia and more!

• Tons of virtual instruments and sound fonts including UVI Steinway grand piano, SONiVOX Orchestral Companions, synths (loads!), IK Multimedia Sampletank instruments, plus sampler and a massive library of royalty-free samples (100Gb and growing!)

Other Facilities

• A range of acoustic pianos, including Eavestaff studio piano, regularly tuned to concert standard

• Tascam 1/4″ reel-to-reel

• Cambridge Audio CD player

• DAT, cassette and Mini-disk recorders

• Mackie HR624 THX-approved high resolution near-field studio monitors

• IMF TLS-50 transmission-line far-field monitors.

• Novation KS-5 analog-style
5-octave synth

• Korg Volcabass analog synth

• Large range of instrument amplification: Fender, Marshall, Hartke, Peavey, Hiwatt, Orange, Blackstar, etc.

• Range of instruments: guitars, drums, tambourines, shakers, SATB recorders, ethnic drums, ukuleles, ocarina, tin whistle, samba whistle, referee’s whistle and so on…

Meet the Team

The specialists in the art of Noise

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Senior Producer

Tom Henthorn

Tom is a record producer, recording Engineer and mix engineer from Sheffield. With a music teacher as a father, and after classically training on violin and piano, Tom rebelled in his teen years, playing guitar and bass in alternative bands.

Now, his focus is on making productions with subtlety and power in equal measure and in any style. Recordings that are everything they should be..., tight, attention-grabbing, dynamic.


"A good recording becomes a great production when people can easily identify it, and identify with it. So just as a well-produced album hangs together as a single work, so everything a band is (songs, clothes, lyrics, ethics, lighting, sound, artwork, performance, etc.) should be indisputably THAT BAND...

...this is what I capture."

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Trainee Producer

Molly "Gannett" Clark

Molly started work at Make Noise Studios in Summer 2022, after honing her skills by self-producing her own music during her lockdown-filled Music Degree. She’s happy producing in any genre, but particularly enjoys any music that’s a little bit whacky, or with lots of vocal harmonies.


“I want anyone to feel comfortable coming into the studio with me as producer. Whether you’ve got an entire album of songs ready to record note for note, or you want someone to flesh out song ideas with. I’d be really excited to hear about your music!” Listen to her most recent productions here:

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Pro Producer

Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson is a producer, studio, and mixing engineer based in Sheffield.

Dave's musical journey started around age 9 when he decided that he wanted to play keyboards and moved onto guitar around 13 because it was “cooler” to his 13-year-old self. He taught himself through listening to records, which inadvertently helped him develop a keen ear. 

Now, after having worked with producers who developed the Arctic Monkeys, Dave has headed into freelance work, coming to work in various studios including Make Noise.

You can also see the full range of projects that he's worked on by visiting my portfolio page.

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Studio B Gallery

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