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Terms & Conditions

Recording Roost Ltd. trading as Make Noise Studios (“the company”)


Terms and Conditions

for use of rehearsal rooms at 32 Trinity Street (“the building”)


Payment and cancellation

  1. Those wishing to reserve a timeslot for a rehearsal room (hereafter, “artists”) are entitled to attend a room as part of a group provided that they have received written confirmation from the company that payment has been received for said timeslot. By making such a booking, the artist is agreeing to all clauses in this document.

  2. Artists may cancel a room booking at any time prior to reserved timeslot.

  3. If this cancellation is 24 hours or more prior to the reserved time slot, the artist will be entitled to reschedule their booking. If and only if this is impossible, the artist is entitled to a full refund.

  4. If this cancellation is fewer than 24 hours prior to the reserved time slot, no refund will be made available to the artist, excepting that:

  5. A person within the group scheduled to attend the reserved room is legitimately self-isolating due to Covid-19. (Evidence of a recent positive lateral flow test may be required as evidence;)

  6. By discretion of management under extreme, emergency circumstances.


Use of rooms

  1. The company will supply the artist with equipment for their practice, to include as a minimum:

  2. drum kit (not including snare drum or cymbals, which are rentable separately),

  3. bass amplifier,

  4. guitar amplifier,

  5. 2 vocal microphones,

  6. vocal PA system.

  7. The supply of other equipment may be agreed between artist and company at any time, but this will not constitute an addendum to these terms.

  8. Artists will be liable for all costs to rectify damage caused during their room booking, excepting faults caused by normal wear and tear.


Code of Conduct
Artists agree to adhere to Make Noise Studios code of conduct (covering alcohol, smoking, use of drugs, equality and diversity and related sanctions) and to report perpetrations against the code of conduct to our staff. The code of conduct is published on the Make Noise Studios website.

Code of Conduct

Recording Roost Ltd. Trading as Make Noise Studios (“the company”)


Code of Conduct

for activities based at 32 Trinity Street (“the building”)


Use of drugs

  1. Background: the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 makes it an offence for the company to knowingly permit the use of controlled drugs in the building except in specified circumstances (for example drugs prescribed by a doctor).

  2. Those present in the building are prohibited from:

    • Using, possessing, buying, selling, manufacturing or dispensing an illegal drug or any drug paraphernalia;

    • Being under the influence of an illegal drug (the presence of any detectable amount of any illegal drug or illegal controlled substance in the body system is prohibited).

  3. This policy does not prohibit the lawful use and possession of prescribed medications. Such users must, however, consult with their doctors about the medications' effects, and promptly disclose any risks to the company.

  4. The company may use the following list to make specific observations of characteristics and behaviours that may arouse reasonable suspicion that someone in the building is under the influence of illegal drugs:

    • Direct sight of drugs;

    • Odours (smell of drugs, body odour or urine);

    • Movements (unsteady, fidgety, dizzy);

    • Eyes (dilated, constricted or watery eyes, or involuntary eye movements);

    • Face (flushed, sweating, confused or blank look);

    • Speech (slurred, slow, distracted mid-thought, inability to verbalise thoughts);

    • Emotions (argumentative, agitated, irritable, drowsy);

    • Actions (yawning, twitching);

    • Inactions (sleeping, unconscious, no reaction to questions).

  5. When reasonable suspicion is aroused that a person is contravening cause 1.2, the company will explain the suspicion to said person, eject said person from the building without delay and may offer relevant support.

  6. Where there is sufficient evidence of contravention of clause 1.2:

    • the company will inform the Police;

    • said person will be indefinitely suspended from the building;

    • said suspension will be considered lapsed only in exceptional circumstances.


Smoking and Alcohol

  1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Smokers must use the area outside the front of the building away from the main doors.

  2. People over 18 years old are permitted to drink alcohol in the building. However, as licensed premises:

    • only drinks purchased on the premises are to be consumed in the main bar area;

    • we kindly request that all drinks consumed in other rooms are purchased at our bar to support our independent business;

    • we are obliged as licensed premises to monitor disorderly behaviour. Anyone who could be a judged a threat to public order, or who commits or threatens to commit a criminal offence, will be ejected from the premises immediately; patrons of other services – eg. recording studio patrons, rehearsal patrons – are not entitled to a refund in these circumstances.


Equality, diversity and inclusion

  1. The Make Noise community is a safe space for all. We are a proudly diverse community; all are respected.

  2. The company does not tolerate any disrespect, including harassment, bullying, assault, sexual assault, racism, misogyny, LGBTQIA+phobia, discrimination or bigotry.

  3. Patrons agree to report anything that is out of step with this principle to our staff.

Perpetrators against these clauses within the building and those who make staff or others feel unsafe will be ejected and banned immediately except under the discretion of the company.

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